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My name is Thomas Snyder. I was born in 1982 and grew up in a rural west Michigan town. At an early age I developed a love of photography, starting in the early 90's with a polaroid my mother purchased for me. 


In the early 2000's I purchased my first digital camera, a 2 megapixel Kodak point and shoot. It was a dreadful camera by todays standards but I was thrilled when I first started taking photos with it. On Thanksgiving 2004 I took one of my more popular shots with this camera, a sunset over Holland State Park. 


Photography started to take a back seat to my other creative outlet, music. I have played electric guitar since 1998 and gigged at a few locations in west Michigan. 


In 2010 I made a decision to move from my rural west Michigan town to Los Angeles. Having lived in Southern California for several years now I've been able to experience many great things previously out of reach. I enjoy the beautiful landscapes and many photographic opportunities as well as the rich cultural diversity Los Angeles offers.


For the last few years I have been focused on honing my photography skills and building a portfolio. Thanks for stopping by to take this journey with me.



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